Homeschool Help for Newbies!

Join us for a live Q&A

You’ve decided to homeschool. Now what?

You may feel apprehensive or overwhelmed. That’s ok and completely expected! No matter where you’re at on the journey, we all have questions. With that in mind, The Learning House hosts Live Q&A sessions designed to help newbies like you find the information you’re looking for. 

Louise House and Cori Dean will host this question period, each with their own homeschooling experiences. We will cover questions like

  • Where do I start?
  • How do I know what to teach?
  • How do I manage with other little ones always on the go?
  • Is it possible to start to homeschool older children and high schoolers?

You have your own questions, so bring them to our online discussion.

Louise House

Louise and her husband Harold home educated their four children from preschool through high school. Three of their children had learning struggles but they found ways to adapt and thrive in a homeschool environment.

In 1994 they founded a homeschool supply company called The Learning House. After selling the company in 2020, to Mark and Cori Dean, Louise continues to work with homeschooling families through curriculum counseling, speaking, and encouragement on a one-to-one basis.

Cori Dean

Cori is an author, speaker and the owner of The Learning House and Maple Tree Publications. With over 20 years of homeschool experience she has traveled the country bringing support and encouragement to thousands of homeschoolers for more than a decade.

Having graduated their older three children, she and her husband Mark continue to work with their youngest daughter at home and in their learning nook at the store in Bradford, Ontario.

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Join us January 16 @ 2pm for a 45 minute virtual question and answer period.



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