CHS Testimonials

Check out what past attendees have said about the Canadian Homeschool Symposium!

Thank you for doing this as we were going to go to our local conference and it fills up my homeschool heart, but this year it wasn’t going to happen so I am glad that you are here to fill up my heart.


I came looking for encouragement and creative ideas. You have surpassed my expectations on day one!!


Thanks so much for doing this. I have been taking part in watching the online homeschool summits based in the USA which I’ve found helpful but it’s SO WONDERFUL to have this as a Canadian resource now too! I really am looking to find great biblically based Canadian resources and encouragement! So THANK YOU X


It was such a great investment. I discovered so many Canadian resources. I feel blessed and I don’t want the symposium to end! 😭 – Fannie


So many Canadian resources/ people to help us. I had no idea. I’m loving this symposium.  


My biggest thing was how much information is ACTUALLY out there for us Canadian’s. I too had no idea and I’m excited to look around at all these sites and look for history and science. So much information it was overwhelming lol but in a good way😉🤣  


It is an amazing conferece! Broadening my love of learning with so many wonderful speakers I sure it will over spill into our homeschool 


I feel enriched. I feel like I am on the right track with our homeschool. I heard a lot of suggestions regarding methods that I am already implementing and didn’t realize. 


I was totally encouraged and uplifted to keep doing what I’m doing , but with more resources. Thank you SO much for doing this, it was terrific. 


Thank YOU again Ana, Cori & Tatiana!! For all of your hard work. For all of the planning & behind the scenes. This pandemic season has not been easy on any of us, and yet you ladies stepped up in the midst of it & poured your hearts out to us. I pray (& know) that God will refresh you all for refreshing us this week ❤️️  


YES!!! Thank you so much!! For the motivation, inspiration and wonderful ideas! 


I took a long while coming on board with this Symposium till one thing triggered my interest enough and now I realize I missed so much by not being present during most of the talks but SO grateful I can go back and listen day after day. 


Yes! Thank you so much ladies! I’m really struggling with isolation and this week’s symposium has been a God send. Thank you for all your work!  


Yes, I’m feeling more inspired and motivated to keep on.  

This symposium was absolutely amazing!! I was so disappointed when the OCHEC convention was cancelled, but I actually liked this better (although I’ve only been to the OCHEC one once and only for 1 day)! My bucket has been filled to overflowing and I am SO EXCITED about homeschooling again! Homeschool passion is flowing through me! What a beautiful refresher! Thank you, thank you for all the hard work you put into this conference!
I have enjoyed this week immensely! I miss the opportunity to go to a physical conference and get new ideas, and inspiration to keep going.
I haven’t finished watching all the sessions yet but the ones I’ve watched have been inspiring and informative. Thank you for all the work you put in to this.
This conference has been a huge encouragement to me to keep keeping on. It has given me lots to chew on & ideas to implement for our next school year, and even a few right away!
I have been pulled further in the direction of classical/
Charlotte Mason style education and I am so excited about it! God has been working through this symposium and He has grown me through it in so many ways! Thank you for being obedient to His calling in this event. the idea of being able to attend this event again is beyond exciting to me!! Not to mention this was a STEAL of a deal! The amount of content, truth, encouragement, etc. for the cost is unreal! I truly can’t say enough good things about this symposium!


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