Speaker Schedule

Tuesday April 14

12 PM (EDT) – Andrew Pudewa

However Imperfectly: Lessons Learned from Thirty Years of Teaching

In this talk, Andrew shares many humorous experiences (and painful lessons) he has learned over thirty years of teaching and homeschooling, including: It’s hard not to do to your kids what was done to you; process over product; all kids are different; “progressive” education doesn’t mean progress; what real “college and career readiness” is; and two secret keys to successful teaching. You will be challenged or reassured (or both!) but sure to leave with an expanded vision of your calling as a home educator. 

1 PM (EDT) – Louise House

The Quest for the Best

Choosing curriculum can be a challenge at the best of times. The internet inundates us with information. Friends, acquaintances and the social media community all have suggestions for what you should do. While choice is wonderful, it can be overwhelming. What is best and how do I know if something can work for my family? How can I find something to help my struggling learner? Is expensive really better? Come and join Louise as she shares how to make the best curriculum choices for your family.

2 PM (EDT) – Kathryn Gomes

Help! My Child Hates Math!

Math is a challenge in many of our home schools. Maybe your child hates math, maybe you do. Either way it can be a battleground or the part of the day everyone dreads. Kathryn Gomes was homeschooled herself and remembers the struggle well. In this session she brings fresh vision and offers teaching strategies that are well-researched and effective. Throughout the session she will be demonstrating different Filled with practical ideas, games, and activities, this session will open your eyes to how rich math education at home can be.

3 PM (EDT) – Stephanie Jackson

Homeschooling Multiple Ages

From the cradle through college, homeschool families are often faced with the challenge of not only caring for but also educating children of multiple ages. How can we make this work while still meeting everyone’s needs? Be prepared for lots of discussion.

4 PM (EDT) – Cori Dean

Homeschooling for “Newbies”

Just starting out or considering taking a homeschooling adventure? This workshop will address some of the top questions that new homeschoolers ask: Can I handle this? Is it really legal? What resources and supports are available to me? How do I choose curriculum? What should a typical school day look like? What about socialization!?!  â€“ With time built in for questions and answers you will have the chance to get specific answers to specific questions.