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Our passion is to help you do education well. Whether you are a homeschool parent, a parent of children in school, an educator, or a school looking for curriculum we are here to help you find the perfect resource to meet the educational needs of your students. With thousands of resources and over 25 years of experience, we can help you succeed.

Please give some love to our sponsors! Without them, we could not offer all of the phenomenal resources we do!

NILD Canada offers hope and help to students who learn differently. Our training helps educators build confidence and competence in students’ lives, helping them learn how to think rather than what to think. As a non-for-profit organization, we train and support educators and parents as they serve students with learning differences. We believe that all students can learn, that the brain can change and that by challenging students’ thinking, new neuropathways are forged and new skills are developed. NILD Canada invites homeschool parents to enroll in our Educational Therapist training courses and in our Rx Workshops.

For 30 years HSLDA has supported Canadian homeschool families by providing
our members with expert legal advice on how they can best protect their home school. In addition to our legal services, members also enjoy access to insurance coverage, consultation with our exceptional needs specialist and curriculum expert, as well as access to the HSLDA online library. As a member you can enjoy the piece of mind knowing that our legal team is just one phone call away, and that we will keep you up-to-date on the latest updates on changes to homeschool-related legislation and provincial educational requirements. so that you can be at peace knowing your home school is protected.

Having a biblical worldview affects how we view everything including science. We offer resources that show that what we see in science affirms the plain reading of Scripture, thus building the faith of our children so they can become more confident witnesses for Christ. The history in Genesis is foundational to the Gospel and supported by the latest scientific evidence. Many a faith has been shipwrecked by the belief that science disproves the Bible. Our faith-affirming teaching and resources give every Christian a solid reason to declare, “It’s a great time to be a Christian!”

Dynamic Math and Classroom Ready have been publishing education resources for many years, and thousands of students currently use our math and language arts materials.

Dynamic Math offers grade 3 to 12 curriculum aligned ‘working text’ books for each province. We also offer Grade 4 to 7 in French aligned to the BC curriculum, and Grade 4 to 8 aligned to the curriculum in French for AB, SK, MB and Atlantic Canada.

Our math books are clear, concise, and straight forward, with lots of questions that appeal to all levels of learning, are coil bound and priced to fit any budget. Each of our books is fully vetted and reviewed by math teachers and professors. This makes our resources ideal for all, including seasoned teachers, non-specialist teachers, parent teachers and students of every level and ability.

Recent introductions include Grade 3 to grade 8 covering the new Ontario Math curriculum, with the new Grade 9 Destreamed math curriculum resource being available starting in May 2022.
We also introduced a curriculum aligned Kindergarten reading, writing and math ‘working text’ for BC, AB, SK, MB, ON and Atlantic Canada.

All About Reading and All About Spelling are scripted, open-and-go programs that were developed for busy parents, teachers, and tutors who want to teach reading and spelling in the most effective way possible. Our award-winning programs provide complete and comprehensive instruction using the Orton-Gillingham approach. At All About Learning Press, we take the struggle out of reading and spelling with programs that teach thoroughly, so your child can succeed amazingly!

With a focus on Canadian social studies that will engage your learners, you will find workbooks, historical fiction, full curriculum guides, games and more at our store. Donna’s love for good Canadian literature sets the foundation to provide teachers with a wealth of resources. Her goal has been to introduce intriguing stories that will captivate even the most reluctant student.

A Christ-centered and Charlotte Mason-inspired homeschool community of like-minded moms actively encouraging and supporting one another daily.

We believed that the knowledge of God is the most important knowledge you can give your child and that homeschooling is a God-given calling and a great honor and blessing.

Our goal is to help you nurture a restful homeschool through a Biblical living education, and enjoy a beyond blessed life.

Our Homeschool Sisterhood is a Charlotte Mason Inspired year-round online co-op and support group that offers amazing book clubs, classes, and resources for homeschool families and weekly mentorship for homeschool moms. Join us free for 30 days!

Christian Virtual School (BSID #669600) is a not-for-profit organization offering fully online courses at both the elementary and secondary level (Grades 5-10). All our courses are aligned to the Ontario curriculum and are taught by Ontario certified educators who are passionate about their students and their individual walks with Christ. Christian Virtual School offers OSSD credits for students in Grades 9 and 10, with Grade 11 courses coming soon.

Christian Virtual School students have access to their courses from anywhere in the world, at any time of the day. All course content is online, including assessments, interactions with teachers, and any final exams. Christian Virtual School offers asynchronous courses, so students can complete at their own pace. We currently offer a variety of courses for students in Grades 5 to 10. We are excited to announce that pre-registration for Grades 4 and 11 (September 2022) is now open!

Our vendors are near and dear to our heart! Take a deeper look into their products below!

Creating History provides innovative Christian high school courses for Canadian History, Canadian Civics, American History, and European History. Resources are professionally developed and proven to help your child learn. Choose between traditional workbook-based course options, paperless courses, or even complete a course with your co-op group! Lesson plans provided! Each course is designed to explore the relationship between faith and history. “While creation confirms the existence of God, history reveals the need for a Saviour.”

We offer new and used educational resources, book rentals (GTA only), as well as items sold on consignment.

In over 20 years of experience, Virtual High School has become a trusted leader in the world of online education. Students at VHS choose when and where to study, when to submit assignments, and when to write their online final exams. We recognize that no two learners are the same, which is why we’re committed to student-centred services and educational content. With certified teachers, free tutoring, dedicated student support teams, school community events, and an outstanding administrative staff, we stay focused on meeting the needs of each student to deliver the best in online secondary education.

Know Yourself is dedicated to making anatomy as fundamental as the ABCs and 123s. Understanding how anatomy, physiology, and psychology are inextricably connected is essential information that prepares your children to excel in sports, school, and socially. Know Yourself combines vetted scientific material with art and storytelling to create a series of captivating workbooks that encourage them to take control of their health and wellness.This award-winning educational resource has been recognized with a Parents’ Choice Award, Mom’s Choice Award, NAPPA Award, Tillywig Brain Child Award, and National Parents Products Award.

Notgrass History exists to glorify God by producing materials centered in His Word that help parents train their children to honor God with heart, soul, and mind. Notgrass History helps history learners become history makers. Our curriculum combines engaging lessons, full-color photographs and illustrations, primary source documents, literature, and hands-on activities for a variety of learning styles.

Virtual Elementary School gives you the tools to provide your learner with an individualized, high-quality elementary education. Immerse your learner in engaging lessons and assessments that combine online and hands-on activities. With options to complete each course independently or with a qualified teacher, you decide how to deliver the curriculum. Our asynchronous courses allow students to register any day of the year and work on their courses at their own pace. The opportunities to meet your learner’s needs with Virtual Elementary School are endless.

Notgrass History exists to glorify God by producing materials centered in His Word that help parents train their children to honor God with heart, soul, and mind. Notgrass History helps history learners become history makers. Our curriculum combines engaging lessons, full-color photographs and illustrations, primary source documents, literature, and hands-on activities for a variety of learning styles.

Welcome to Something Different—the “Education That’s Relational” Approach to Homeschooling!

Your family is unique. Your kids are distinctive. Homeschooling nurtures this. So, when
an education is relational, students thrive. Why? Because this loving environment and authentic approach to learning welcomes them into the learning experience.

And to help your kids thrive in homeschooling, our history curriculum:
-engages and excites parent and child,
-is flexible and relatable for all types of learners,
-uses the 8 Kinds of Smart and a wide range of choices
-and honors God above all.  

Together with you, we help your students love what they learn!

Amber O’Neal Johnston (aka Heritage Mom) is an established authority on infusing diverse voices, culture, and a love for others into traditional homeschool curriculum. She’s an author, speaker, and worldschooling mama who shares her observations in various publications and as a coveted speaker at homeschooling, parenting, and education conferences.

Amber lives in Atlanta, Georgia nestled among pine trees, hammocks, and ziplines with her husband Scott and their four children, and she shares about the beauty of a culturally and socially conscious home environment in her book A Place to Belong, a guide for families of all backgrounds to celebrate cultural heritage, diversity, and kinship while embracing inclusivity in the home and beyond.

GeerLINKS Educational Therapy provides homeschool consultation and intervention for students who have unique learning needs. Our therapies target foundational processing areas to help students become independent and lifelong learners. We focus on how to learn, rather than what to learn! It is our desire to support parents and students on this educational journey.

Hello! I’m Joy, a Christian homeschooling mom, curriculum designer, and blogger. My husband and I are in the midst of raising our 8 children. We began Peppermint Stick Learning Company Inc. when our oldest child was young, with a desire for lessons that truly stick for the long-term, are refreshing for a “real life” mom like me to use, and have sweet simplicity and practicality to them! We offer unique curriculum (K-12), storybooks, teaching tips, and more. Come and take a little lick at “…lessons that stick with a refreshing touch of sweetness”!

Self-checking educational and playful tools for your math learning made by a Canadian company.
Quickcheck Math

  • Requires little planning and parent-teacher supervision
    Promotes students’ self-esteem and growth, as well as academic performance and success Grade QCentre Pack – Available for K to 3
    • Each package includes 5 books + 1 case with 6 tiles
    • Covers 5 math strands
    • Each book provides 24 hands-on student activities plus
    a Teacher section with additional learning suggestions
    • Encourages students to become self-sufficient
    Note: A case with 6 tiles is required to play.

The mission of The Canadian Homeschooler is to connect homeschoolers across Canada with each other and with resources to help them on their journey.

If you, your teen or young adult is ready to explore their next educational or career step, Foundations Career Coaching is here to support you. Whether individual coaching, or exploring future possibilities in the grade 9-10 Christian homeschool course, combine faith and humble planning to the journey towards God’s calling.

You’re Their First Teacher. Be Their Best Teacher.
When you homeschool with Classical Conversations, we connect you with a local community of like-minded families who not only learn together, but do life together. We equip homeschool parents with the confidence to raise bright, observant students who have a lifelong love of learning.

I am Laurie Beesting, senior educator, math teacher and tutor of 30+ years and I have created Bridge the Gap Math™, a unique resource to help and support parents… to help and support their children!
Bridge the Gap Math™ is a ‘script-like’ program of what I teach daily to ensure my math students are better prepared for G7 and the journey through high school.
It is JUST the ‘hand-picked golden key essentials’… the ‘often-missing-but-really-need-to-know-bits’ from the G4-7 math curriculum.  My key moment was when I realized that what I was doing with my math students could be shared with thousands more students if I told parents what I do and how I do it.
Developed over 6 years and launched in 2019, I am still excited to be sharing it with parents… and now schools!  It helps to untangle the knot of anxiety felt by parents and students alike.