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Our passion is to help you do education well. Whether you are a homeschool parent, a parent of children in school, an educator, or a school looking for curriculum we are here to help you find the perfect resource to meet the educational needs of your students. With thousands of resources and over 25 years of experience, we can help you succeed.

NILD Canada offers hope and help to students who learn differently. Our training helps educators build confidence and competence in students’ lives, helping them learn how to think rather than what to think. As a non-for-profit organization, we train and support educators and parents as they serve students with learning differences. We believe that all students can learn, that the brain can change and that by challenging students’ thinking, new neuropathways are forged and new skills are developed. NILD Canada invites homeschool parents to enroll in our Educational Therapist training courses and in our Rx Workshops.

Virtual Elementary School is the homeschool parent’s best friend. With interactive lessons and assessments that are fully aligned to the Ontario curriculum, you can use VES courses on their own, or can supplement your own material in whatever creative way you choose. Choose to use the courses with or without a teacher and choose from over 40 courses this coming September! For samples of VES course videos check out the Virtual Elementary School YouTube channel. Subscribe to see a new video every Tuesday!

Are you one of the growing numbers of educators attracted to Charlotte Mason’s design for a relational education? The Charlotte Mason Institute’s whole purpose is to promote, study, and share the principles and practices of her vision. Our full grade 1-12 curriculum, Charlotte Mason’s Alveary ( and annual conference ( come alongside your family to help you practically implement this relational education with richness and peace.

Support of Live Teachers. Flexibility of Self-Paced. Only with UnLock Math! Engaging instruction, unlimited practice, unlimited review, immediate & meaningful feedback with completely worked solutions after each question, numerous question types, live teacher help, and much more. Students gain deeper understanding of math concepts through our unique process combining clear instruction with our Advanced Assessment system. UnLock Math takes care of everything, Teaching, Assessment, Grading, AND Extra Help! Voted #1 online math curriculum for the past 4 years in nationwide surveys of homeschool families, this is the online math curriculum that checks ALL your dream curriculum boxes!

A Gentle Feast is a Charlotte Mason Curriculum for the entire family for grades 1-12 using living books for all subjects except Math to fill your homeschool with beauty and easy days. Use code “CANADA15” to save 15% off thru August 2021.

Virtual High School offers more than 70 online high school courses that are fully aligned to the Ontario curriculum. The VHS guidance team will help support your homeschool journey by conducting equivalent credit assessments for work already completed, creating Ontario Student Records for your child, and helping to coach you through the OSSD requirements, if desired. Learn more about why homeschool families choose VHS at We look forward to connecting with you!

Imagine a university that does more than just prepare you for a career, but also equips you to find and fulfill your purpose—you’ll learn professional skills while exploring bigger ideas about who you are and what you’re meant to do. Because TWU is a Christian university, your studies will integrate a faith perspective. While you’re learning the skills you need for a successful life, you’re also wrestling with the big questions that will provide a foundation for a meaningful life. Whatever your talents and interests, your TWU education will equip you to make a positive difference in the world.

Full Service Curriculum Provider and Read-Aloud Source specializing in Classical and Charlotte Mason education.

The Home School Legal Defence Association in a national organization designed to support and to protect homeschooling families in Canada. By providing affordable legal services and insurance coverage, HSLDA helps you protect your home school.

“…lessons that stick with a refreshing touch of sweetness!” Take a little lick at our website to find lots of homeschool resources, designed for Canadian families! Explore real life and fun teaching tips and links within our “Encouragemints” blog! Read the “Our Twist” section to find explanations for our unique and effective style, which often combines aspects of a variety of educational approaches. Snap up ‘SPECIALLY SWEET DEALS in our online shop…wholesome literature and teaching resources, including downloadable and printable e-book curriculum! Our SPRING SALE ends May 31, 2021!

My Mission: To help Canadian homeschooling families connect with each other and also with companies and resources that will help them on their learning journey from start to finish. I want them to be able find curriculum, materials, and resources that are relevant to them, their experiences, and their history.

Apologia is the number one publisher of homeschool science and biblical worldview curriculum for grades K-12. In addition, Apologia publishes elementary math curriculum. Apologia publishes homeschool resources to help families learn, live, and defend the Christian faith. We also host live online homeschool classes for grades 6-12 through our award-winning Live Online Classes. Our online science and Bible courses been voted #1 by homeschooling parents. Apologia Online also offers Self-Paced courses and Video-On-Demand options.

The home of Headphone History, the Canadian audio history elementary curriculum, and the popular high school Canadian geography companion workbook series. Canadian-A is also the sponsor of the Canada Homeschools Podcast.

We offer new and used educational resources, book rentals (GTA only), as well as items sold on consignment.

Northwoods Press is your source for exciting and authentic Canadian social studies! We have curriculum, living books, games and more… all the things to make your students excited about history and geography. We also have fully online courses and memberships that offer dynamic learning for all grades. Our goal is to introduce intriguing Canadian stories that will captivate even the most reluctant student.

Classical Conversations Canada envision home schooling parents reclaiming the education of their children, through parent led, community driven, Christ-centered, classical teaching that is sustainable until post secondary. We see this vision to fruition by establishing structured Classical Conversation Communities across Canada, equipping parents through annual Parent Practicums, and providing a Christ-centered curriculum framework.

Creating History develops homeschool courses for the social sciences from a distinctly Christian perspective. Specializing in Canadian History and Canadian Civics, each course is creatively designed to engage high school-aged learners.  A diverse set of resources are utilized for each course ranging from a professionally printed colour workbook to interactive online resources.  The courses are developed by an experienced educator and tested by homeschooling families. “While creation confirms the existence of God, history reveals the need for a Saviour.”

GeerLINKS Educational Therapy provides homeschool consultation and intervention for students who have unique learning needs. Our therapies target foundational processing areas to help students become independent and lifelong learners. We focus on how to learn, rather than what to learn! It is our desire to support parents and students on this educational journey.

Hands on Learning- One Unit at a Time.
Do you want to inspire a love of learning in your children? Imagine the buzz in your home as all of your children research and discover the same topic… reading, exploring, creating … and loving it! Nicole McCloud was homeschooled using unit studies as a foundation of her learning in her homeschool K- Grade 12. She now homeschools her three children using unit studies to ensure their learning is hands on, fun and interactive. She will share how to make these dreams possible even as a busy Mom!

Having a biblical worldview affects how we view everything including science. We offer resources that show that what we see in science affirms the plain reading of Scripture, thus building the faith of our children so they can become more confident witnesses for Christ. We ‘ll be offering discounts on educational materials, free digital downloads, and a new streaming option to access faith-building resources. And we’ll have a couple of giveaways as virtual “door prizes.” Visit to access over 12,000 articles on virtually every aspect of the creation/evolution debate.

We all want to raise kids who know how to learn and love learning! A love of reading is a solid foundation on this journey. Finding books that are perfect for your children’s ages, interests and reading level is my privilege.

Christian Virtual School is a not-for-profit organization offering fully online courses at both the elementary and secondary level. All our courses are aligned to the Ontario curriculum (BSID #669600) and are taught by educators who are passionate about their students and their individual walks with Christ. We issue OSSD credits and secondary students can earn their OSSD with Christian Virtual School. For the 2021-2022 school year we offer courses at both the Grade 9 and 10 level. Visit us at

CHER (Canadian Home Education Resources) delivers encouragement and Good Stuff for Home School Families, Parents, Grandparents, Teachers, and anyone else who loves kids. Thank you for making CHER your home school curriculum provider.

The LAUNCH leadership course aims to help students grow in character, leadership skills and spiritual formation. Early Bird deal ends July 1st. Bring a friend and both receive a $100 discount! For more information please visit the website.

Since 1994 Tree of Life School and Book Service has been providing the most comprehensive home education service in Canada. Curriculum, self-paced and on-line courses, evaluation services, free consultations, and a great selection of home schooling materials…we’re here to help you. FREE SHIPPING on orders of materials over $100 EVERY DAY! Check our website for details.

Brain Power, an award-winning after school academic enrichment program for high-achieving and gifted children, is now offering virtual programming. Choose from Language Arts, Math & Problem Solving, and a series of workshops including Public Speaking, Mechanics of Writing, Math Olympiad and so much more. Live, synchronous 2-hour small group classes are facilitated by dynamic PhD instructors. Students are encouraged to submit post-class work and receive detailed feedback from their instructor after class on our online classroom platform. Email us at to book your free assessment today.

Essentials in Writing is a leading publisher of homeschool writing and literature curriculum, as well as a creator of quality distance learning options.  Our systems are designed to be easy to use and LOW STRESS for both parents and students.

RightStart™ Mathematics is a complete elementary and middle-school program that uses visualization of quantities, de-emphasizes counting, and provides strategies and games for learning the facts. The primary learning tool is the AL Abacus, a specially designed two-sided abacus that is both kinesthetic and visual. Cornerstones of RightStart Mathematics is grouping in 5s and 10s to expand subitizing, using the math way for number naming, visualizing quantities, strategies, and procedures. Card games are used for learning, practicing, and reviewing the facts.
This small devotional contains thirty-one days of scripture readings and prayers to gently lead the independently reading child into the habit of prayer. Each day is structured using a similar format intersecting scripture and prayer with the child’s personal choice of response, while guiding the child through the practices of quieting, reading, intercession, praising, thanksgiving, and listening.

Online Educational Resource store. We carry a large variety of resources including textbooks, workbooks, novels, science kits, hands on manipulatives, games, puzzles and more!