Welcome Messages From The Organizers

Welcome! I am Cori Dean. Together with Ana Willis and Tatiana Adurias, we are the organizers of the Canadian Homeschool Symposium.

Tatiana, Ana, and I are thrilled you have joined us!

This, the very first Canadian Homeschool Symposium, is bursting with encouragement as we strive to build you up as you train up your children in the way they should go. Our prayer is that you will be encouraged, informed, and equipped in this challenging call as a homeschooling parent!

I’m Cori Dean. I am an author and speaker and the owner of mapletreepublications.ca. My husband Mark and I have homeschooled our 4 daughters for over 17 years. I love cycling, camping, and boating and as well as a good book, some dark chocolate, and a cup of tea.

My friend Ana Willis is a blessed homeschool mom of 3 and homeschool blogger at www.theycallmeblesed.org. She and her family call British Columbia, Canada home base but are world schoolers who live in and travel all over North America in their RV.

The talented Tatiana Adurias is our super organized and always smiling friend from sunny California. She is a restful homeschool mom of 6 and homeschool blogger at puposefulmotherhood.com.

Whether you have been homeschooling for two weeks or two decades, our prayer is that this symposium with deliver just the boost you need as your educate your children at home during these trying times. We are praying for you all Moms and Dads!

We’re so blessed to have you here!

Cori, Ana, Tatiana and the amazing Canadian Homeschool Symposium team.