Swag & Prizes


Brain Power
Attendees of the Canadian Homeschool Symposium 2021 will receive a 5% discount off tuition for Brain Power full year programs at our Headquarters location (Vaughan) or the January-June 2022 session at our McMaster Innovation Park location (Hamilton). When registering, please mention that you attended the Canadian Homeschool Symposium to receive the discount.

Download your copy of Caution Markers if you’re curious about your unique learner’s weaknesses. https://geerlinkslearning.com/learning-differences/

Headphone History
Free Learning Styles and Strategies Infographic Use Link https://sowl.co/exR6f and Coupon Code free shipping on Headphone History May 15-31 Code SYMP21

Homeschool Canada
Book a Virtual Shopping Experience and then get 15% off your next order! Contact wendy@homeschoolcanada.ca to book your appointment.

Free Pre-School Membership for families with children under 6 years old. Register at hslda.ca/membership/preschool, discount will be applied at checkout.

Matthew Blackwood/ Unlock Math
Do you have trouble teaching fractions? Do your children struggle with fractions?
UnLock Math is giving EACH OF YOU a FREE 10 video lesson series that will teach fractions FOR YOU in a way that your children WILL understand!!! https://vimeo.com/showcase/7376415 ($29.00 Value)

Mike Zietsma/Creating History
Creating History is offering a World War One local soldier research project! Follow the Google Drive Link below to get your copy of it! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CNZF5mgwAOjmERa4yx5qVcjShbuD6S76/view?usp=sharing

NILD is pleased to offer $75 off any of our courses to be used before Dec. 31, 2021. https://nildcanada.org/rx-workshops/

Sue Wright/ Creation Ministries International
Enjoy a free digital copy of our flagship Creation magazine including a children’s section plus 3 valuable products to equip your family. A $19 value.

  1. Log in or create an account at castore.creation.com
  2. Select the following items by SKU (numbers in brackets)
    • 15 Reasons to Take Genesis as History: Kindle .mobi version (35-4-517) or eReader .epub version (35-5-517)
    • Creation Survival guide: Kindle .mobi version (35-4-604) or eReader .epub version (35-5-604)
    • Refuting Evolution 2: Kindle .mobi version (35-4-506) or eReader .epub version (35-5-506)
    • Creation Magazine Single Back Issue 43:1 Digital Version: (00-C-431D)
  3. Use promo code HSFREE2021 at the checkout
  4. Enjoy your resources!

Peppermint Stick Learning Company
We’re offering the “Year-at-a-Glance” Planner Poster – our newest product! (Regular value $5.50.) FREE until May 31st to attendees! Use coupon code SUNSHINE to redeem at https://www.peppermintsticklearningco.com/product/year-at-a-glance-poster-planner/.

Stacey Weeks
Enjoy this digital 5-day study from Stacey Weeks: https://storyoriginapp.com/giveaways/9c4dec7c-88b9-11eb-b360-f349b356f907

The Learning House
Enjoy FREE SHIPPING from May 11-16 for all Symposium attendees. Use coupon code CHSMay at the checkout at www.learninghouse.ca

Tree of Life
Free Copy of Mike Flewelling’s first picture book, Sammy Saves the Day ($15 value) for all orders of books and materials that exceed $100 until the end of May, 2021. Just add Sammy Saves the Day to your cart and use the Coupon Code SAMMY.

10% off orders over $100 before May 15. email nicolesstorycorner@gmail.com to redeem.

A Gentle Feast
A Gentle Feast welcomes you to enjoy 15% off on their site.  Use coupon code “canada15” through 7/31/2021.  www.agentlefeast.com



GIVEAWAY TIME! Apologia is offering their new Exploring Creation with Earth Science set for our conference! If you are interested and want to win it, put a picture in the comments that reminds you of earth!

Another Giveaway! We sell a lot of Exploring Creation with General Science, so we are very happy that they have offered it as a giveaway! If this is the subject for you, like this post! https://www.apologia.com/product/apologia-basic-set-general-science-3rd-edition/

IT’S ANOTHER GIVEAWAY!!! Sponsored by Apologia, they are offering their Exploring Creation with Astronomy (notebook included) from their Young Explorers Series! To enter, comment your favourite planet (our CSR Josh says “Pluto counts!” Kaylee does not agree). https://www.apologia.com/product/apologia-advantage-set-astronomy-2nd-edition-with-junior-notebooking-journal/

Wait… is this a fourth giveaway from Apologia?! Yes, you’re seeing thing right! Apologia’s brand new Exploring Creation with High School Astronomy is a part of our giveaway! Leave a fun space emoji in the comments if you want to enter! https://www.apologia.com/product/apologia-high-school-astronomy/

Huh? Another one?
Apologia is also offering two ebooks as their swag! One for young explorers and one for high school students! Follow the links below and subscribe to their newsletter to receive them!

Brain Power
IT’S GIVEAWAY TIME! Brain Power is giving away FOUR Gift Certificates valued at $150 dollars! Brain Power offers after-school academic enrichment classes for bright and gifted students from Grades 1-12. If this is your student, comment their favourite subject below!
We will provide 4 gift certificates and can send you a digital file.

Charlotte Mason Institute
TIME FOR ANOTHER GIVEAWAY! The Charlotte Mason Institute is offering a free registration to their Global 2021 Conference on June 17-19th, 2021! If you want to dive into more of the Charlotte Mason method, since this year’s conference is about science and faith, comment an emoji below!

What? Another giveaway from the Charlotte Mason Institute? How exciting! This time, they’re giving away a free membership to Charlotte Mason’s Alveary, their complete grade 1-12 curriculum with daily lesson plans for all ages and subjects, teacher-training, and community. In five words or less, tell us why you love the Charlotte Mason method below! (https://charlottemasoninstitute.org/alveary-membership/)

Christian Virtual School
50% off a Grade 9 or 10 Course at Christian Virtual School – it must be another giveaway! Christian Virtual School is happy to offer a discount of 50% off a Grade 9 or 10 OSSD credit (a $225 value). This giveaway is for one student completing a course and is valid for twelve months from the date of the conference. To enter this giveaway, click on the link below and then tell us in the comments what course you’d like to get! www.christianvirtualschool.com

Classical Conversations
GIVEAWAY TIME! This one is being offered by Classical Conversations, and is printed by Copper Lodge Library. “TANGLEWOOD TALES” is a retelling of classic stories by Nathaniel Hawthorne and it is a treasure your children will pore over and enjoy for years. Comment below the name of your favourite novel to enter! https://www.canada-cc.ca/bookstore

Classical Education Books
IT’S GIVEAWAY TIME! This giveaway is being offered by Classical Education Books! You could win one of FOUR $50 gift cards! To enter the giveaway, comment below and tell us one of your favourite classics! Be it a book, musician (or music), etc.!

Oh, is it time for another GIVEAWAY?! Sponsored by GeerLINKS, you could win ONE free 1-hour phone consultation with Diane Geerlinks, Director of GeerLINKS Educational Therapy & Consulting. If you could use this, like this post.

Headphone History
It’s that time of day: GIVEAWAY TIME! This giveaway is offered by Headphone History: A Headphone History Volume 1 Digital Bundle valued over $50! To enter, let us know in the comments which historical figure you’d love to meet! And don’t forget to check out the bundle below: https://www.headphonehistory.com/volume-1-digital-bundle

Homeschool Canada
What time is it? GIVEAWAY TIME! Offered by Homeschool Canada, you could win a $50 Gift Card! If you’d like to enter, add a gif showing how your day is going into the comments below!

Jennifer Holder
GIVEAWAY TIMEEEEEEE! In every personal relationship with God, prayer is powerful foundation. Jennifer Holder is giving away TWO copies of her book “Practicing the Habit of Prayer”. To enter, add a photo below that reminds you of one of the blessings in your life (no explanation needed).

Learning House
It’s the giveaway from us! We’re so incredibly excited to be offering FIVE different items which means you get FIVE entries (one per day)! Watch carefully for this post to be updated daily! Our first item is the Magic School Bus: The Secrets of Space kit! Post a space picture in the comments to enter!

It’s our second Learning House giveaway! This post will be updated daily so keep an eye on it so you can enter every day! Remember: FIVE days = FIVE entries (one per day)
Our second item is the Jesus Storybooks Bible with CDs! Put a prayer emoji in the comments to enter!

Giveaway three of five from the us to you! The Medieval Catapult is a huge hit with the staff here at the Learning House – and we think it’ll be a hit with your children! Post a gif of how excited you are about the conference!

Giveaway number four! It’s a popular series and we agree this book is one of the best: Trailblazers Books #3 – Spy for the Night Riders. It’s adventurous, exciting and one we highly recommend. Enter in our giveaway by commenting THREE words about your homeschooling life!

The last giveaway from us! Remember: FIVE days = FIVE entries (one per day)
It’s $50 off your order!!! We have had such an amazing week with everyone and we wanted to finish it off with the big one. What would you buy from us with $50 off? Comment one item below to enter!

Lisa Marie Fletcher/ Canadian Homeschooler
HOORAY, ANOTHER GIVEAWAY! Homeschooling is an adventure and Lisa Marie Fletcher of The Canadian Homeschooler has made a ‘travel guide’ for it! She is giving away a print copy of her book “How to Homeschool in Canada” which will help you discover a world of resources. To enter, comment an emoji below of how many years you’ve been on your homeschool journey!
Years 1-2, Years 3-5, Years 6-10, Years 11-15, Years 16-20 Years 21+

Northwoods Press
It’s a giveaway from Northwoods Press! We’re so excited! This giveaway is for the digital product Guide to Canadian Government Bundle valued at $75! Let us know your favourite Donna Ward product in the comments below to enter! https://donnaward.ca/

Peppermint Stick Learning Company
A giveaway and you get to choose the prize?! WOW! Peppermint Stick Learning Company is offering ONE FREE e-book of the choice of the winner! Check out the online shop below and let us know in the comments what you’d choose! (Due to the nature of the product, nothing will be shipped. The winner will be PM’ed and his or her first choice of title will be the prize.) https://www.peppermintsticklearningco.com/shop/

Stacey Weeks
GIVEAWAY TIME! You could win one of THREE copies of “Glorious Surrender” by Stacey Weeks. Trust is a hard part of our walk with God, and Stacey talks through how to give it all to him. Check it out in the link below and then leave a hands up emoji if you and your kids could use some joy in your devotionals! https://www.staceyweeks.com/books/glorious-surrender/

Sue Wright/Creation Ministries International
GIVEAWAY TIME! A chance to win one of two gift packages, each valued at $72! Go to castore.creation.com and let us know your favourite resource they provide to enter this draw!

Tree of Life
Guess what time it is? Time for another GIVEAWAY!!! This giveaway is offered by Tree of Life, and it is a copy of Sarah Mackenzie’s The Read-Aloud Family. The book is full of inspiration and reading lists you can use with your children. To enter this giveaway, tell us your favourite book (we know there’s too many to choose, so just pick one!) in the comments below. https://treeoflifeathome.com/product/the-read-aloud-family-making-meaningful-and-lasting-connections-with-your-kids/

It’s the next giveaway! Virtual Elementary School is pleased to offer THREE free independent courses to three lucky people at the Canadian Homeschool Symposium! Each course is valued at $79 CAD.
Let us know which course you would like to have in the comments below to be entered!

Do you have a child in high school? Then this is the giveaway for you! Virtual High School is pleased to offer ONE free high school course valued up to $579 CAD. Let us know which course you would like to have in the comments below to be entered!
*The Fast Track course option is not included in this prize. Check it out.